Looking for Magsafe 1 MacBook charger (New)
By Dana McGuire on June 4, 2020
Hello neighbors.

Our 14 year old is in the middle of a project on our old MacBook Pro, but the charger just died. Does anyone have a MagSafe 1 charger you are no longer using that we could take off your hands? MagSafe 1 is the magnetic charger used for MacBooks before 2012 (T or L style would work - see photo for visual).

Thank you!

Dana McGuire
Graduation Signs (New)
By Tombo and Robin Jones on June 3, 2020
I hope everyone enjoyed celebrating our graduates and I want to thank you all for adhering to the boards guidelines for the temporary posting of signage.  As the POC for this granted request, I wanted to send out a reminder, per the temporary approval stipulations, the deadline to remove all signs is at 5 pm this Friday.  Thanks again to the board for allowing us to celebrate our graduates and congratulations to our graduates! Thanks, Tombo and Robin Jones 
Board Approves Temporary Signage for Graduates
By Tombo and Robin Jones on May 22, 2020
In response to a request my wife and I made to the board and given the COVID-19 restrictions on meeting in groups reducing the ability of our community to recognize graduates in a typical fashion, the board has approved temporary yard signage to recognize graduates (High School, 8th and 5th grade). The approval is contingent upon adherence to some very specific provisions. We would ask that anyone who chooses to participate by celebrating their graduate with a sign respect these provisions with the understanding that the board is approving this request under the expectation that we comply with the restrictions.  

The restrictions regarding yard signs:
1) No larger than 5 SF total
2) Please be cognizant of placement to ensure drivers view of the street is not impacted
3) For those in townhomes, please remove the signs during mowing days (I will send out another notice announcing the days Back to Nature is coming to mow). 
4) The time period in which these signs are allowed to be up are from Friday May 22 at 5 pm until Friday June 5th at 5pm.  Signs are not to be left up after this date.  
5) Signs are only approved for graduates who live in our neighborhood
6) Signs are to only be placed on homeowner property

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as we have volunteered to be the POC for this temporary signage.  

Tombo and Robin Jones
912 572 5969
VATC HOA Board of Trustees Meeting
By Joan Efird on May 13, 2020
A meeting by Zoom:
Thursday, May 21, 2020, 7 pm

An agenda and invitation to join by Zoom will follow shortly.

The Village at Tom's Creek is a planned residential community in Blacksburg, Virginia. Single family homes and townhomes on tree lined streets share landscaped and natural common areas. The VATC Homeowners' Association maintains the common property and quality of life in the neighborhood.
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